Quality Control in the Document Translation Process

    Danilo Coviello

    Both the accuracy and quality of translation work are very necessary for the success of any document. Translation companies invest in different teams to work on projects before they are handed over to the client. For high quality document translation, there are specific processes that are followed. Here is our document translation process.

    Document Translation Process for Quality Control

    The quality of the work performed is determined by the team’s determination, level of expertise, and adherence to the necessary processes. One team checks that all the files from the client are in order, and there are clear instructions and guidelines. The language to be used and the style needed are reviewed, to ensure that the translation company has the knowledge and expertise to deliver a quality document.

    Our company is committed to consistently providing quality work. We implement strict and proven quality assurance methods and requirements, regardless of the type of translation or the profession presented, that all projects must meet.

    Every translation project is assigned to an experienced project manager, who will oversee each team. The manager oversees the entire translation, proofreading, and editing of the project to meet the set standards and to ascertain accuracy and quality of the work.

    Every project also has a set deadline. We believe in adhering to timelines, and each project has benchmarks for each stage, to ensure that the client gets their project in time.

    Translation – Editing -Proofreading (TEP)

    Quality document translation follows a (Translation, Edit, and Proof) TEP system to ensure clarity, accuracy, and the correct translation of cultural nuances. The document is passed under the special scrutiny of translators, proofreaders and accuracy experts. Our company’s core process includes special teams to:

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    We have qualified, trained, and experienced document translators to handle any project presented to us. Are you looking for a translator with special skills? We have invested in qualified linguists with the knowledge, experience, and capability to handle your business documents. You can trust that your project will be completed by an expert translator who understands and has intimate knowledge of that respective subject or field.

    Translation is an art, and every client has their own specific needs, depending on their country of origin. We will assign you a translator that truly understands your language. We will assign you a translator that understands the legal systems of your country, and is able to adhere to the relevant rules and regulations. We have expert marketing specialists that know the client’s audience, in order to know the vital requirements.


    Even though we engage the services of the best translators, mistakes do happen, and projects sometimes need editing. We have a team of expert editors that will go through the draft document for proofreading and accuracy. We are confident of our linguists—but it takes more than one team for a project to truly shine.

    We have invested in native-speaking editors that understand the local languages used in the target country. You are assured a translation that includes local nuances, slang terms, and customs that are not contradicting or confusing. Your client’s audience language needs are researched, and the translated document will always meet the standards of the original one.

    Editing work is a complex activity and we understand that some mistakes might pass the first editing process…which is why we pass the document through a number of editing teams, to filter out all mistakes. Our clients have access to all the draft copies, where they can also request edits or changes.


    Proofreading is the final process that every document passes through before the project can be marked as complete. We have proofreaders who do the final edits before the document is delivered to the client. Though other stages of document translation are important, this is the most important stage of the entire process.

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    Most changes happen at the editing stage, but that doesn’t make proofreading unnecessary. We engage the services of linguistic and style experts to proofread the document. These experts have a deep understanding of terminologies used in the final document. All of our teams work together to meet the client’s requirements and the findings of the research team.

    Our company is committed to delivering high-quality translations that have a positive impact on your business. We engage the services of reliable team members who can be trusted to provide a premium-quality document translation experience.

    Desktop Publishing

    We have a desktop publishing team of professionals who work on projects to meet the clients’ formatting requirements. It is not only the accuracy and quality of the translation that make a good project—it is also the use of attractive design and clever formatting. Color and specialized symbol needs are researched, to match the audience interpretation; we do not overlook even the smallest of details. We create documents that perfectly match the original documents, and are sensitive to cultural nuances.

    Our project managers are also part of the desktop publishing team due to their direct and close contact with the client.

    ISO Certified

    We are an ISO certified agency that you can rely on to deliver quality and timely translations.

    We have a stellar reputation, we possess the necessary license and certifications, and we have passed all of the required auditing for translators. We are ISO certified to ISO 17100:2015, complying to all of the required strict ISO standards for document translation.

    Our translations processes include editing and proofreading to ensure accuracy and also meet the ISO standards. The quality and accuracy of the work we provide is unsurpassed. If you need a document translator with high standards to match your own, look no further.