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    It might feel like ‘multilingual’ is becoming a buzzword, but in today’s world, it is vitally important to open your business to markets with multilingual services.

    Globalization is a driving force in the current world, and communication with other countries is only getting better. This means that there are new and exciting markets to explore.

    So how do multilingual copywriting services help?

    Simple. If you need to produce copy for your business, you need multilingual copywriting services to help your business reach out to foreign language customers.

    As with any part of business, you need to find the experts who can help improve your company’s image and give you the best chance of success.

    What is a multilingual copywriting service?

    Multilingual copywriting services are pretty self-explanatory – they help create copywriting in your chosen target language.

    The exact type of copywriting offered by these services can be almost anything, from email marketing messages to blogs optimized for search engines to landing pages.

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    The right copywriting expert

    It can be hard to find the right copywriter for your business. How do you know you are getting the best for your business?

    There are plenty of expert copywriters out there to help you expand into new markets, but with multilingual copywriting, you need to consider the language of the copywriters you hire.

    Why choose a native language copywriter?

    To get the best content and tone of voice for potential customers abroad, you should find a copywriter who offers services producing content in their own language.

    This means that they will better know the local culture and nuance of the language, helping make sure that your copy can reach past cultural barriers to really reach your target markets.

    The right content type

    Depending on your brand and message, you may need many different types of content.

    While some writers specialize in one type of content, it can be important to find a team, like, that can help realize all your content needs.

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    Speak another language? We now offer multilingual copywriting

    One of the main reasons people hire multilingual copywriters is to reach out to unfamiliar markets, but maybe your business already runs in multiple languages.

    If so, you should understand the importance of making sure that your advertising campaigns and product descriptions are appropriate for your international audience.

    Do I need multilingual copywriting services?

    If your business needs to reach out to new customers and international audiences, you absolutely need multilingual copywriters. Making your brand accessible to clients in other countries helps get your message out further and increases the size of your audience.

    What multilingual copywriting do I need?

    There are so many types of writing you might need to get the right content created for your international customers. Let’s have a look at some types.

    Articles and blogs

    Blogs are a great way to increase your customer’s brand awareness and to reach out to your target market. However, customers much prefer reading blogs and articles in their own language.

    Web content

    General information pages, FAQs, and contact forms all need to be well written in the right language for your target audience if you want them to feel comfortable trusting your brand with their money.


    Many websites need hefty FAQ sections to help their users find exactly what they need. These can be written flawlessly targeted towards your multilingual audience.


    If you produce products you need instruction manuals, labels, and packaging. All of these can benefit from having the expertise of a content writer.

    Marketing content

    Anyone writing copy professionally will know the importance of high-quality email marketing. You can also get physical print marketing written in your target language to really familiarise your clients with your subject matter.

    Social media content

    Social media is a huge business, and a proper copywriter will offer a service making great social media posts to really attract customers.

    Business To Business content

    Want your brand to stand out when dealing with other businesses? Use multilingual writers to make sure that your pitches, reports, and communications hit the point correctly and get the best response.

    What’s the Difference Between Multilingual Copywriting and Translations?

    It might seem easy to get your content written once and then get a translation of it. However, a simple translation may not provide the nuance you want for your content.

    Using copywriters who really understand your international audiences will help make your project reach new people while at the same time keeping the focus on your and your service.

    So should I choose translations or multilingual copywriting?

    This will be different for every project. Sometimes you may want simple translations, such as for product listings or subtitles. However, you may want to hire copywriters who can really make your content sparkle in another language.

    What is the process of getting multilingual copywriting services?

    Getting your copy written in another language is very simple. Each agency will work differently, but you should always have project managers or account managers who help you see your needs through from initial quote to completion, using their expertise and experience.

    Espresso Translations Acquires to Offer Multilingual Freelance Copywriting Services.

    At Espresso Translations – translation services we have years of experience working with languages and translations. We have translation offices in London and Milan.

    We are very excited to offer freelance multilingual content writing services.

    All content will be written by our team of highly skilled linguists. We strongly believe that the best translations and content come from people writing in their own native languages, so you can expect high-quality copy from our experts.

    If you want a free quote or to get in touch contact us today.

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