The rapid, professional transcription and translation services we offer are a testament to our understanding of the diversity of needs of modern businesses and artists in a technological world. Just like our professional translators unlocking the potential of your work to an international audience, a reliable and sensitive verbatim transcription will let you work with the diverse needs of your content across different media to achieve maximum visibility and flexibility in your business. Whether it’s an audio or video clip you wish to transcribe, or even something longer, our experienced transcribers can quickly deliver the text version of this content, allowing you to advance your projects with greater freedom.

transcription and translation services

Transcribe Audio & Video Files

Our rapidly expanding translation agency is well aware that detail and precision are two of the most powerful tools of any language, and so our friendly team will endeavour to protect the finer elements of the audio transcription or video transcription, so nothing is ever lost in the process. Once an audio clip or video has been transcribed into the original language, we can then translate it into one or many international languages to allow your content to reach an increasingly wide audience. We understand that while sometimes the content being transcribed will need to be used directly as you receive it, there are also times when you will want to work with the transcribed content as a starting point for further development. Our video transcription services put communication at the heart of the process so our translators are completely aware of what you hope to get out of the process and can collaborate accordingly.

Central to the transcription and translation services we offer is an awareness that the dynamic of exchange and international communication is never simply one-way. For more complex documents and texts that may originate in more than one language, or need to be translated into several, our multilingual transcriptions allow for us to work with the versatility of your target market.

Multilingual Transcription and Translation Services

If your film or marketing project involves working with audio or video dialogue in another language, our script translations can give you the adaptability you need to communicate your ideas on an international stage. As with all of our translation services, your project will be carried out from start to finish by carefully selected native language translators, so you can be sure that your translation will have the living feel and natural flow of everyday speech. The exhaustive service we provide means we can also offer services such as time-coding of work that we translate and transcribe, using a number of different programs so that you can relax in the knowledge that the technological side of your transcription service is all taken care of.

Like all of the work we undertake, it is crucial to us that when you use our transcription and translation services, you don't find yourself paying through the roof, so the excellent value of our top-quality work when we transcribe documents and videos for you is a key part of our promise.

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